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Educational Models for "One Size Fits All"

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I don't think a "one size fits all" model is realistic or effective

I agree with this. Do you think most classes are designed with a "one size fits all" mindset? If so, how?

If one was doing radically different types of Instructional Design work. For example, I deem that it would be best to avert the Traditional Instructional Systems Design approach and instead consider using a Constructivist or Critical theory/critical pedagogy to achieve the desired objectives.

Please explain this further.

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Because students are individuals who come with unique skill sets and diverse backgrounds, a "one size fits all" model is not realistic or effective. Unfortunately, many classes are designed with a "one size fits all" mindset. Teachers are educating students for standardized assessments that dictate the types of knowledge that students must demonstrate and how regardless of whether a school is rich, poor, urban, suburban, or rural. In order to prepare students for these standardized assessments, curriculum and lesson plans are more and more ...

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Why the "one size fits all" model is not realistic and how education could be changed using other models.