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    Oct 2014
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    • JD, University of San Francisco School of Law, 2014
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    Important Ethical Leadership Qualities

    1. Describe three significant successful attributes of a strong educational leader responsible for monitoring and enforcing legal policy and ethics in an educational or organizational setting.

    2. Describe the one weakness or shortcoming that a leader often exhibits in monitoring and enforcing l READ MORE »

    Education / Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers / Academic Integrity » 599987

    Case Brief Example (Ashcroft vs. Kidd)

    Please help understanding how to write a case brief...
    for example in the case of Ashcroft v Kidd 131 S. Ct. 2074 (2011).
    How would you write this case brief that had the headings:
    Parties and case
    Procedural Posture

    Law / Criminal Law and Justice » 608545

    Formal and Infromal Assessments

    Discuss the role of formal and informal assessments in ESL classrooms. How might feedback be incorporated into these assessments to provide a well-rounded approach to assessment and instruction for ELL students? What should feedback look like?

    Education / Evaluation & Assessment » 637283

    Augmentative and Alternative Communication Learning

    How do teachers determine key concept vocabulary and action words to include on a device or in pictures to promote engagement during instruction for a given topic? Why do you think it is important to plan themes of instruction when you are working with one or more students who need AAC (Augmentativ READ MORE »

    Education / Evaluation & Assessment / Learning Standards » 634550

    Conceptual Knowledge Building

    How can a teacher build conceptual knowledge related to the 10 themes in social studies for your students? What are two examples.

    Education / Learning & Teaching » 638847
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