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Service learning activity overview

Describe briefly who you worked with, what you did, how it related to the work of a multicultural teacher, what you learned and what new questions you may have. Feel free to use ideas from text to add to your report. Would you do something like this again? Why or why not?

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In the first place, as you examine a service learning activity, I can offer my ideas as a model for you. For example, I volunteered to work at a creative and performing arts camp held at a local college that was for "at risk" teens. It was a performing arts "academy" concept. Since dance, music, and art lessons are typically very expensive to obtain privately for teens and their families, this summer camp allowed kids from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities to attend the camp and participate in art classes such as painting, Origami, academic graffiti, as well drama forms such as improvisation, mime, monologues, one act plays, reader's theaters, as well as various dance styles such as tap, jazz, hip hop, Indian, ...

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