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    Financial overview of property maintenance/home repair

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    Developing a 350- to 700-word four-part financial overview of a property maintenance/home repair organization. This overview will include the revenue model, financial highlights, funding requirements/use of funds, and the exit strategy. To support this work a financial statement needs to be developed and included in the appendix of the business plan.

    1. Revenue Model: As simple as it seems, this section of a business plan gives clarity on how you generate revenues. Do you sell products? Do you sell advertising space? Do you sell by-products, like data? Do you sell all of the above?
    2. Financial Highlights: The full financial model (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement) belong in your Appendix, but in this section please include the highlights. For instance, include the revenues, key expenses, and projected net income for the next five years.
    3. Funding Requirements/Use of Funds: If seeking funding for the company, detail the amount here, and importantly for what will the use of the funds be.
    4. Exit Strategy: Particularly if seeking equity funding, detail the expected exit strategy. The most likely exit strategy is to sell the company to a larger firm. If so, detail the types of firms that might be interested in purchasing you and why. List the specific names of potential acquirers if applicable.

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    //This section deals with the revenue generation model generally employed by property maintenance companies. The second part presents a set of financial statements for a construction company.//

    As the company is engaged in the maintenance of property and providing other home repair services, the principal revenue-generating activity of the company is selling its personalized construction services to the clients. There can be a number of ways to bill the clients for the services provided by the company. The pricing can be done on the basis of the customized project or the company can also decide a certain price range for a specified set of services provided by it. In many countries, even such house maintenance service companies have a package that works on a membership basis. As per that model, any client can get a membership card for a year or six months, paying a consolidated sum to the company for the maintenance services to be received in the upcoming period (Oduro-Kwarteng, 2011). However, in many cases, the fee charged by such service companies may be increased depending on the urgent requirements of the client. This is a kind of differential pricing strategy of revenue generation, which is generally used in the period of heavy demand for maintenance services. At the same time, ...

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