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e-Learning Overview

Select an organization or industry (I HAVE CHOSEN E-LEARNING) and have access to its financial information. Prepare an organization and/or industry overview on your selected organization and/or industry. Be sure to include:

a. A history of the organization and/or industry (ABOUT 300 words)

b.The amount of competition in the market in which it operates ( I WILL DO)

c. The role of government regulations on your organization and/or industry (I WILL DO)

d. Issues and any opportunities the organization and/or industry faces ( I WILL DO)

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Electronic learning or e-learning is a recently coined term which refers to computer-enhanced learning. E-learning is an industry with very recent beginnings. Distance learning, the predecessor to e-learning, was made possible by industrialization and a reliable mail service. However, only a few courses were ever offered in this format. E-learning was the natural extension of distance learning, made possible by the advent of the personal computer and the internet. Many universities realized that it was now possible to connect students to their ...