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Production Management - Productivity and the Service Sector

What are the five reasons productivity is difficult to improve in the service sector? 200-300 words APA format.

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//Before writing for this query, we must be aware of service sector and the difference between the products and services. It will enable us to understand the complexities of improving the productivity of service sector. Here, we are required to write five reasons which make it difficult to improve the productivity in service sector. I am providing you an overview on this topic which will help you to complete your paper. //

Productivity is related with the effectiveness and efficiency of an activity in an organization. It refers to a relation between the input (labor, material, etc.) and output (finished product or service). Usually, productivity is measured in the manufacturing sector. The use of this term in the service sector is not very old. ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in approximately 424 words with two references. A discussion of five examples of why it's hard to measure the productivity of the service sector is provided.