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    Values and Ethics in "Boiler Room" film

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    Please see the movie link below and respond:

    Identify a focused subject or theme. The movies provide numerous examples of values and ethics being used or violated by the characters in the movie. Below you will see a list of values and anti-values that can be used as the basis for analyzing elements of the movie or movie characters. Whereas you can approach this essay in any manner desired, the selection, definition, and discussion of three to five of the values and/or anti-values.

    Milton Rokeach's Instrumental Values : Ambitious, Broadminded, Capable, Cheerful, Clean, Courageous, Forgiving, Helpful, Honest Imaginative, Independent, Intellectual, Loving, Logical, Obedient, Polite, Responsible, Self-controlled

    Tim Brownson's Anti-Values : Aggression, Anger, Anxiety, Apathy, Arrogance, Conflict, Contempt, Cynicism, Death, Dishonesty, Disgust, Fear, Frivolity, Greed, Hate, Hypocrisy, Ill health, Infidelity, Immorality, Injustice, Isolation, Jealousy, Laziness, Pain, Pomposity, Poverty, Procrastination, Stress, Suspicion, Worry


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    In the first place, as you briefly identify a focused subject or theme, I highly recommend using greed, corruption, and deception as obvious ones to explicate in your essay.

    As you offer a discussion of three to five of the values and/or anti-values, Tim Brownson's Anti-Values definitely prevail in this movie. For example, the main characters and themes seem to overwhelming represent aggression, arrogance, dishonesty, frivolity, greed, hate, hypocrisy, immorality, injustice, and pomposity through their illegal business practices, corrupt morals and lifestyles, unethical professional and personal actions and mantras, and unjust business and personal philosophies throughout the film.

    First of all, Seth's undercover, "backdoor card game" casino business clearly shows his imaginative yet highly illegal side. Immorality also permeates due to the nature ...

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    The examples of business values and ethics are briefly extracted from the "Boiler Room" film. A focused subject or themes are identified.