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    Completing Worksheets and Improving the Appearance

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    1. You have received a message from Melissa Gehring of First Choice Travel with quoatations for return airfare, hotel, and airport transfers for the film crew to travel to Toronto for the location shoot July 7 to August 29, 2003. This information is summarized below:
    ? Return Air Fare is $533.20 per person
    ? Melissa has negotiated a room rate of $5,700.00 per room for the entire duration with two persons per room.
    ? Airport Transfer Limousine Service is a flat rate of $550.00 in Toronto and $475.00 in Los Angeles
    ? All of the above prices include taxes and are quoted in US Dollars.

    2. Enter the appropriate labels, values, and formulas to complete the worksheet.
    3. Make any formatting changes you think would improve the appearance of the worksheet.

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