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    Gender in Lysistrata

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    Discuss the stereotypes of men and women that Aristophanes relies on for much of his comedy, Lysistrata.

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    Please allow some of my ideas to help:

    First of all, as you address various gender stereotypes within this comic play and how Aristophanes uses them to produce comic effects, I offer my general ideas to spark your interest. Once you write your own ideas, please send your paper as a new posting for our editing and feedback. Thanks for using our service!

    To begin, you might note how the entire piece exposes the gender notions and stereotypes that men are overall more barbaric, war-like, and much more physically aggressive than their female counterparts. As the male characters steadfastly participate in wars within this play with their full hearts, bodies, and souls, the play seems to depict men's commitment to violence, another prominent male stereotype. What do you think? It is a satirical take on the warlike nature of men, I believe. It seems to summon the caveman mentality to advance its humor. Please add some quotes from the play to show these instances.

    In terms of this and other male stereotypes within the play, you might also examine that the play shows that men love war, maybe even more ...

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    Gender in Lysistrata is assessed. The stereotypes of men and women that Aristophanes relies on for much for his comedy are determined.