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    Analyze Sekaran Process Opinions

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    Need to analyze the attached article and give an opinion on the research provided by the author.

    Corporate restructuring and gender promotion in management (Dencker, 2008).

    response is 538 words

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    This article is written by an author, John C. Dencker, who has research background and the study was conducted using a firm with multiple restructures during the time frame. He has gathered data from numerous sources to include in his findings.

    The main goal was to prove that female managers were underrepresented in leadership positions in large firms. His focus was on restructures creating the inequality. The two primary focuses were on the reduction in force and reorganization of human resources as the reason for the failure to promote women to leadership positions. The pressures of inequality during these times have greater opportunities for discrimination. One idea is that reductions in the force slowed promotion rates for all. Two others included women starting in lower-status jobs and women's promotion advantages were often short lived.

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