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    zip codes; research

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    Part I

    This assignment is framed around the concepts of data analysis and biases in Chapter 12 (Step 7) and in Sekaran. Click here to view the Sekaran diagram on the research process.

    For the first part of this exercise, download the files from the Census Bureau using the Government data mining tool (http://www.factfinder.census.gov/). You will create a short presentation for the Marketing department highlighting how the consumers in the 60616 zip code differ from those in the Total U.S.

    Create a graph that compares the categories from each file you consider relevant. Create a 3-5 slide presentation with in-depth narratives in the speaker notes section that displays the graph(s) and analysis on how the 60616 categories you chose differ from the national profile.

    Search for your data sets using www.factfinder.census.gov. You can enter the ZIP code in the "Fast Access to Information" search window to obtain the data for 60616. The site also presents the national demographics on the same results page any time you type in a ZIP code. Analyze and compare both data sets using the data analysis concepts from Chapter 11 of Sekaran. Compare only those categories that you find are significant to your analysis in demonstrating whether the US marketing advertising schemes can or cannot be effectively used in this ZIP code. Remember that you can copy from the web and paste into an Excel spreadsheet as one way to the create graphs for this assignment.

    Part II

    In the second part of the assignment, based on your research findings of the first part, create a 3-5 slide presentation with in-depth narratives in the speaker notes section. You are to provide your advice as to possible business venture to pursue in zip code 60616 for either scenario 1 or 2.

    Based on your analysis and interpretation from Part 1 of the assignment, research the Internet and your course materials for any additional data and resources to help you reach this recommendation. Document any assumptions or elaborations you had to make in the speaker's notes section of the slides. Apply the standard of APA Style to the references section of your assignment.

    Scenario 1:

    The academic affairs committee wants a recommendation on what new specific degree program should be pursued for the 60616 community.

    Scenario 2:

    The development company wants to know which specific businesses the stores should be leased to in the new 5-store strip mall (small businesses) in the 60616 community.

    Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau (nd). 33618 Census bureau fact sheet [Data file]. Available from American Fact Finder web site, http: //www. factfinder.cesus.gov.

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