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Java server pages (JSP)

Need assistance with the attached problem.

Two to three page discussion on developing web applications with Java server pages (JSP)

Show source code for creating the following:
Using JSP codes, create a form that validates the data before passing along to the server in order to make sure that the information it needs to process is correct and validated. This information includes name, address, zip code, social security number, DOB, and mother's maiden name.

Zip code
Social Sec. #
Mother's maiden name

Explain if replacing the fields, like social security number to credit card numbers will have any impact on the underlying codes? How this form may be protected from credit card frauds?


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I attached the document 162348.doc for introduction of JSP, then I attached input.index and validate.js to build and validate the form in your problem.

If I replace the fields, like social security number to credit card numbers, we do the following change in the ...

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