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    Server-side Scripting Language and Database

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    You've been hired by Company X to build a web site which will include a data-driven component. Describe how you would go about choosing which server-side scripting language and database you would recommend to the management of Company X for this project.

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    Server-side scripting is a process that applies business logic to data from different sources (databases, user input, etc.) in order to create output that fulfills a user's request. In short, it is a programming language that runs on the physical server. Developers encode your business logic into scripts (literally, sets of programming commands) using this language. When a user makes a request, the data is run through these scripts and transformed based on your business logic. Once transformed, the data is wrapped with HTML and graphics and outputted to the user. Here are the steps:

    - User makes request
    - Webserver Software initializes server-side scripts
    - Scripts fetch appropriate data from database ...