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    Client-side and Server-side Scripting

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    Find five web sites that use both client-side and server-side scripting. For each site, compile the following information:

    1.The full web site address (URL)
    2.The site's title (if it has one)
    3.Where does it use client-side scripts? Why do you think it uses this type instead of the other?
    4.Where does it use server-side scripts? Why do you think it uses this type instead of the other?

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    Let's look at the definitions and the functions of client-side and server-side scripting. This is often a good starting place, since it will be easier to locate the websites that use these scripts when we know the different kind of functions served by each of these script types.

    Scripts are used to execute special code either on the browser or on the web server.

    1. Client-side Scripting

    A script such as JavaScript or VBScript that runs on the browser is called client side script.
    JavaScript, and VBScript are the examples of client side scripts. Note that scripts are interpreted languages, and differ from programming languages such a Java or C++. The later are compiled before being executed.
    Ideas of when to use client side scripts:

    ? Complimentary form pre-processing (should not be relied upon!)
    ? To get data about the user's screen or browser.
    ? Online games.
    ? Customizing the display (without reloading the page)

    In addition, client-side scripting offers an easy way to provide additional functionality and flexibility to your project. HTML is very limited; its main purpose is to display and format content. It allows little or no interaction with the visitors of your site.
    Scripting technologies like JavaScript, JScript, VBScript and others are used on many sites to add extra functionality to a web site. Ranging from simple mouse over image effects, animation, form field validation to complex dynamic menu systems, these scripts enhance the functionality and user experience. http://www.metalusions.com/backstage/articles/12/.

    In other words, if a site is animated, it is client-side scripting.

    Client-side scripting is executed within the browser, which means that the browser interprets the code, and that it can be seen when viewing the source code of the document in the browser. This might be considered a limitation since anyone can copy the code and put it on another Web page. Client-side ...

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