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Social Pressure, Personal Experience, and Cultural Pressures

I need a little help stuck, this is new learning. What factors might affect attitude -behavior relationship? Meaning a person has a positive attitude toward an object the strength is strong. What factors could impact their attitude guiding their behavior? Is the function of the attitude or situational factors? Also what challenges would attitude researchers might face in predicting behaviors from attitudes. There are so many theories related to attitude - behavior relationship. In current times researchers are looking attitudinal strength. I am a little confuse need the above questions answered and/or explained with scholarly resources. I cannot use Wikipedia

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Good questions! I am glad to assist you with Notes and Outline for your questions:
1. What factors might affect attitude-behavior relationship?

a) Social pressure- peer pressure is an example how social pressures or societal attitudes affect our personal attitudes. For instance: In southern USA, particularly in the previous generation during Martin Luther King 's time period, societal attitude towards Black Americans were significantly negative, and White Americans were pressured to share these negative stereotypes and attitudes. During the march for freedom, White Americans who did not hold this view and supported the black movement were treated as outcasts.
See famous Milgram experience of social pressure to behavior of obedience:
Milgram, S. (1978). Obedience to authority.

b) Cultural settings- an example of how culture impacts our attitudes and behavior is seen in the role of women in marriage. For example, I have a client ...

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