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    Business ethics and codes

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    1.3) What is a code of conduct? What is its role within an organization?
    2.4) Outline the business reasons to limiting monitoring.
    3.5) Describe the process of comparing and weighing alternatives and considering the effects of a decision on their own integrity and character.

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    What is a code of conduct? What is its role within an organization?

    A code of business conduct or the more common term, code of ethics, represents the tool that business organizations use as an effective management tool for establishing the organizational values, ethics, and employee responsibilities in regard to adhering to these values and ethical obligations. The code of conduct is a necessity in any organization because it provides employees with the necessary information and guidance when they encounter unethical behavior or are contemplating to engage in unethical behavior within the workplace. The many different ethical situations related to business can be confusing for employees, and because the employer will most likely be an at-will employer, the employee must be provided a code of ethics that can prepare them for their roles and responsibilities at the organization as every organization will differ in their respective code of ethics. The code of ethics is based upon the individual business's core values ...

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    Business ethics and codes are examined.