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Special Events Management in Hospitality and Tourism

Please help with the following problem. Give a brief explanation with references.

In relation to Special Events Management in Hospitality and Tourism, list and discuss the details you would include on a site inspection list. Explain your reasoning.

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On-site inspections, in relation to special events management in hospitality and tourism, are important so that the hotel is evaluated to see if it is right for the group that is meeting. There are basically five items that should be on the list to evaluate at the on-site hotels and they are (Nordstedt, 1992).
1. The meeting room
2. Location
3. Guest rooms
4. Appearance and condition
5. Potential cost
The special events manager should prepare a list of requirements needed for the meeting and compare ...

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This solution discusses the requirements for a site inspection, which include: the meeting room, location, guest rooms, appearance and condition, and potential cost. The explanation is given in 315 words and one reference is included.