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    Hospitality Industry Experience and Management

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    Select an organization in the hospitality industry and describe a personal experience that you have had with this organization. Include any experiences with guest service, lodging, food and beverages, and recreation.

    Discuss how this experience falls within the definition of hospitality management.

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    I have had personal experience with Sandal Resorts. My friend and I stayed in this couples only resort on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. The all- inclusive style had benefits and costs we did not anticipate, but in general our stay was to our expectation and satisfaction. In an effort to be comprehensive in my analysis I have broken down the experience into the management areas which impacted our stay.


    Firstly, our room was clean on the arrival day and all toiletries were provided. A sign in the bathroom indicated a need to conserve water and the hotel policy of using "grey water" in the watering of the gardens and flushing of toilets. The notice was from the manager of housekeeping. There was a paper note from the housekeeping manager indicating the availability of Beach towels, additional hand ...

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    The solution describes a stay in Antigua with Sandal Resorts, broken down and analysed in 586 words.