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Assessing Hospitality Management

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Managing Hospitality Issues, to address the following:

Define the strategic management process
Identify the external and internal influences that affect strategic management.

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The similation is not required to answer the questions but it did help me understand strategic hospitality management a little better.

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Strategic Hospitality Management

Strategic hospitality management involves basically three ongoing processes (Dess, Lumpkin, & Taylor, 2005):
â?¢ Analysis
o Analysis involves the missions, vision, and strategic objectives.
o Internal and external activities within the organization are also important.
â?¢ Strategic Decisions
o Decisions must be made after the analysis of the environment of the organization.
o The decision making must look at internal, external, and international affairs to see what direction to take the organization.
â?¢ Actions
o The actions are the next phase after making the decisions based on the analysis.
o Actions are the final process after the prior two phases.

In the strategic managing of any organization, not just hospitality, the cycle of analysis, decisions, and actions keep turning. With this cycle should come success in the decisions made. Managers needs to look to the information gathered and gain the knowledge of how to compete so that it is advantageous for the firm. The biggest questions the managers will need to ask themselves will be how to compete.

In the hospitality industry, there are many factors that need to be analyzed. Hospitality companies need to appeal to the consumer in every way possible. Operational effectiveness comes only when the staff and the management understand what they are dealing with when it comes to ...

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