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Employee Selection Methods

The case study:

In business (human resources), during the hiring process, what are the goals of employee selection?

When using the selection methods (general mental abilities (GMA) IQ test), personality traits, KSA's etc. how do these compare and contrast and impact the overall achievement of any organizational objectives? Or is the selection method that of resumes, applications, testing, interview, reference checks, honest tests?

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When it comes to the hiring process, the majority of organizations have one objective: to obtain the best candidate for the position. Selection tools are used for a number of reasons, and often vary by position. In 2013, unemployment rates were relatively high, from a historical perspective. This results in most organizations receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of responses to a job posting. Applications are a selection tool which permit an employer to quickly scan a candidate for "qualifiers" of the position. There are many software programs that will do this "work" automatically - candidates fill out an application online, responding to qualifiers by answering ...

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This solution is over 400 words and thoroughly describes different methods in selecting employees for a job, and how those methods must align with the overall organizational objectives for employee staffing.