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    Selection Methods and Selection Systems for New Employees

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    What selection methods are the most valid and reliable indicators of job performance in your opinion? Why? Many successful organizations use a blend of several different selection tools to set up a multi-hurdle approach to hiring new employees. If you were to design an ideal selection system what methods would you use and in what sequence?

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    The ideal selection system would begin with outlining the scope of the job and pinpointing the job duties. Knowing what you want is key to hiring the right person. Other selection methods that are valid and reliable indicators of job performance include past work history and performance, appearance and thoroughness of resume and job application, predictive test scores, and references. These are important because they give a good picture of the candidate, assessing his/her ...

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    This solution discusses what selection methods are the most valid and reliable indicators of job performance, and why. In addition, it offers an ideal selection system to hire new employees, and the sequence of methods to use. It includes links and examples.