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Goals of Selection - Human Resources

What are the goals of selection?

What factors influence an organization's choice of selection methods?

My book says that the goals of selection are, to obtain employees who are most likely to meet the organization's standards of performance and who will be satisfied and developed on the job" but is there more to it than that?

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The goals of selection also enhance the competitiveness of an organization in its business environment by selecting employees with the best qualified experience and education and giving the company an advantage over other organizations in the business environment (Mazan, S. & Kayaly, 2010). The selection's goals sets a measuring indicator of what the company's key performance needs are currently and in the future will be(Miller,2010). These performance indicators allow the human resource department to gauge just what type of employees are needed to meet the standards of an organization.

The selection process of an organization set goals to choose qualified employees to fill jobs of an organization (Flynn, Mathis and Jackson, 2007). ...

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