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    Human Resources

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    Analyze various approaches to training and evaluation of
    today's employee.

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    Today's human resource strategy includes the recruitment, selection, compensation, training, development, and appraisal of the human resources. Without the proper strategic human resource planning, execution is dubious at best. The HR planning ensures that the organization has the right people in the right place at the right time. All the other human resource strategies can ensure further that these human resources (correctly placed) than contribute effectively to the organization's objectives.

    Review Recruitment and Selection Processes

    A key element of human resource planning is ensuring that the supply of appropriate employees (with the right skill mix) is on board when needed. This requires a proactive approach whereby the organization anticipates its needs well in advance. It is important to identify the competencies being sought. That is, the criteria upon which selection decisions are to be made should be decided in advance. A firm must identify those skill sets required by employees to be successful.

    Charles O'Reilly suggests that companies should hire for attitude (perhaps even more so than technical skills). That is, the fit of the individual with the values of the organization and the culture of the firm should also be considered when selecting employees. This has been referred to as the person-organization-fit. It is no longer enough to simply consider the person's fit (and technical skill set) with the job. Part of the employee's fit with the organization should focus on the core values and beliefs of the organization. This will increase employees' contributions to the overall success of the organization if they already embrace the core values of the organization prior to their selection.

    Communicate the Mission and Vision

    If employees are expected to contribute to the attainment of the organization's strategic objectives, they must understand what their role is. This can be achieved in part by clearly communicating the mission and vision statements of the firm. The old adage is certainly true. If a person does not know where he or she is going, any road will get him or her there. As the mission and vision statements ...