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    Project management

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    What are the best criteria for selecting a project? Does this change according to the type of project, the industry, or organizational structure?

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    1. What are the best criteria for selecting a project?

    • Select Projects In-Line With Your Business Priorities (most important) e.g. based on company need (e.g., problem might present itself, or a needs assessment might turn up a specific problem using TOC, etc) (See Example 3 below).
    • Projects should always have a business benefit. http://www.isixsigma.com/me/project_selection/
    • It needs to the commitment of top management, as well as lower level employee commitment and willingness to change in order to be successful.
    • Choose a method and be committed to the project e.g. using theory of constraints to determine project to pursue (see Example 2 below).
    • E.g. use Six Sigma Projects criteria (see Example 1 below).

    Example 1: Health care criteria for Six Sigma Projects
    While each healthcare organization has specific needs and issues to resolve, the most successful Six Sigma projects usually share common characteristics:
    • Feasibility from a resource and data standpoint
    • Unambiguous parameters and clearly defined goals
    • Alignment with critical hospital issues and strategic initiatives
    • Provision of visible benefits for the customer
    • Inclusion of a Green Belt or Black Belt working within the project area
    • Ability to show measurable improvement
    • Linkage with other projects for a combined effect
    • Personal connection for the project leader
    The human side of performance improvement - especially in a service industry such as healthcare - must not be overlooked. Since Six Sigma requires commitment and willingness to change, it's important that those who support or participate in the project recognize that a problem exists and that a solution must be found through objective methods. ...

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    This solution discusses the best criteria for selecting a project. It also explains if this changes according to the type of project, the industry, or organizational structure.