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    Six Step Job Analysis Process

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    Six distinct paragraphs listing and explaining the steps necessary in a successful job analysis.

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    There is a process to performing an effective job analysis. By following this process you will improve productivity and quality within your organization. Determining the skill and qualifications needed to do a specific job can impact hiring decisions. The six step process of a job analysis is as follows:

    To begin with step one first the purpose of the job analysis must be determined. State clearly your objectives which will show you the data needed as well as how it should be accumulated. Purposes are varied it could be for the selection process of new staff, training existing staff, salary increase recommendations or even for an annual performance assessment. So you can see how the determination of the purpose must be the first step and once it has been determined you are able to move on to step two.

    The next step, two, requires you to review your organizational chart. In doing so you will be able to get an analysis of how the job (and all jobs ...

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    From determining the purpose to writing the job description this solution will provide you with the six steps to be completed in the job analysis process.