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    Six Steps in the Job Analysis Process

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    Please help with the following problem.

    List and discuss the six steps in the job analysis process. What are the six distinct steps and why?

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    A job analysis is performed in order to determine what is to be done on a job and what skills, qualities and qualifications are required to perform the job as the company has designed it. This will ensure that the correct employees are hired into the right positions for the organization. The following are the six steps involved in the job analysis process:

    Step 1: Determine the purpose of the job analysis - This step involves stating the objectives of the analysis in order to determine what data needs to be collected and how it will be collected. Some examples of these objectives include training, performance appraisals, personnel selection, compensation plans and ...

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    This posting goes into the six steps in the job analysis process. The six steps are defined, and their purpose is described. The explanation is given in six steps. The solution contains 352 words of text.