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    Contracting in Government department

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    SCENARIO: Karenna just returned from a Department of Defense management meeting
    where the dismal state of the budget was the principle topic. She gave Bob the bad news. It is four months before the end of the year closeout and two major requirements came in from the Navy Warfare Center. The funding is dismal, resources are overloaded and Bob is the only contracting officer she can depend on to be fast and accurate when it comes to complex requirements of this nature. Bob must get these requirements on contract by October 1st. Bob must convene an acquisition team and get started right away. Bob will need to come up with an acquisition strategy to include contract methodology and contract type that will encourage efficient funds management and will motivate the contractors to watch the bottom line.
    Requirement 1 -The Department of the Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) has a requirement to provide Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) software support activity (SSA) for systems engineering, integration, information assurance, software maintenance, operational support, training and infrastructure support to SSC Pacific Maritime Global Command and Control System (GCCS) Family of Systems (MGF) Project and other C2 and/or C4I projects within Code 532. Period of performance includes a 3-year base period and 2-year option period. The estimated level of effort for the total requirement is 766,025 hours. The NAICS code is 541330.
    Requirement 2 - The Department of the Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) and Air Force have a requirement to contract for non-personal services to provide all plant, labor, transportation, materials, tools, equipment, appliances and supervision necessary for the renovation of an existing aircraft maintenance hangar consisting of approximately 36,908 SF. The project includes but is not limited to the sustainment of interior walls, ceilings, sound attenuation, and internal and external durable surfaces to include roof and exterior metal panel wall replacement. Repair facility paint, floor coverings, millwork, caulk, protective coatings, wall systems, and hangar door structure. Install fire sprinkler systems, additional steel frame support, metal insulated panels, metal barrel roof, interior walls, HVAC systems, communications wiring, restrooms, millwork, utilities, access pavements, fire protection/detection, fire suppression, site work, anti-terrorism force protection measures, erosion control, drainage structures and landscape. Site work includes but not limited to site work including water, electrical, communications, natural gas, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer connections to existing infrastructure.
    Task: You are the contracting officer for the acquisitions discussed above. Develop a viable procurement strategy to include determining the contracting method, contract type and risk. As you determine the contract methodology and contract type keep in mind some concerns and limitations:

    1. The schedule is aggressive;
    2. Requirement 1 includes proprietary equipment;
    3. Limited funds;
    4. A need for quality because the requirements are vital to national defense.
    5. Security clearances are another important issue. Whoever win the contract have a Top
    secret facility clearance, either before or shortly after contract award;
    6. Past protest on both requirements.

    Address the following questions in your response to requirements 1and 2 separately:

    1. What contracting method will you use?
    2. What are the key risk areas of the efforts?

    3. What contract type would motivate the contractor to achieve excellence and manage
    funds wisely? Why?

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