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Probation details

1. What is the purpose of a presentence investigation report? a victim impact statement? What are some problems with these documents?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the ways in which probation may be administered?

3. What elements can affect the granting of probation?

4. How does the quality of supervision provided by a probation agency affect the granting of probation?

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1) The primary purpose of the presentence investigation and report is to assist the court in determining an appropriate sentence. However, the presentence report is also intended to assist the probation office in supervising defendants during any subsequent terms of probation, parole or supervised release. The report also aids the U.S. Bureau of Prisons in its designation, classification, programming and release planning and provides the U.S. Parole Commission with data relevant to parole consideration. A main drawback is that the final report must contain only accurate information, since the goal is to produce a report that the court may rely upon at sentencing. However, it is inevitable that there will be data that the probation officer is unable to verify. It can be very hard for the probation officer to distinguish between facts and the inferences, opinions, or conclusions based upon those facts.

A victim impact statement is a written or verbal statement made as part of the judicial legal process, which allows a victim of crime the opportunity to speak during the sentencing of their attacker or at subsequent parole hearings. One purpose of the statement is to allow the person or persons most directly affected by the crime to address the court during ...

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