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    Community corrections explanation

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    Select one critical issue in community corrections, and use a best-practices model of a community corrections program to resolve it. In your post:

    Describe the critical issue.
    Identify the best-practices model of a community corrections program you researched.
    Describe how this model could be used to mitigate or resolve the issue.

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    Step 1
    Community corrections are sanctions imposed on convicted adults or adjudicated juveniles in residential or community setting outside jail. These are enforced by agencies/courts with legal authority over the person or juvenile offender. These programs are operated by probation agencies and parole agencies (a).

    Step 2
    One critical issue related to Community corrections is probation violations. When a violation occurs, a probation office may imprison a probationer and petition the court for violation of probation. The court will request that the defendant prove his or her innocence at an order to show cause hearing. If the defendant fails to challenge the guilt the prosecutor will request for additional conditions of probation ...

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