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Community Correction Programs

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Corrections officials recognize the need for effective community-based corrections and other crime prevention methods.

What are some of the obstacles in developing successful community correction programs? In your opinion, will these programs be as effective as incarceration? How? Do you agree or disagree that building more prisons will solve the crime problem in the United States? Why or why not? Discuss the concept of collateral consequences for ex-offenders. How does this restrict their reentry into the community and impact further crime?

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Obstacles to successful community corrections entail the collaboration between those in the community and the criminal justice professionals in charge of the community corrections program. If the collaboration is lacking then the probability for success with the program is limited. This is the most challenging aspect of community corrections, which requires participation from the community to reduce recidivism amongst convicted criminals.

Programs such as work releases, day fine programs, electronic monitoring, home ...

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The solution discusses the community correction programs.

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