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Defense Budget Cycle

Give a brief, general overview of the Annual Budget Cycle, from the president's budget through budget implementation. Brief means to provide only a couple sentences on each major part of the cycle.

What are your top three areas of concern that you think should be addressed in the federal budget and why? This website gives you some areas to consider: http://www.publicagenda.org/policy-makers

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There are three different phases of the budget cycle of the department of defense.

The first phase is the formulation of the budget request by the President. The formulation process goes through four distinct steps - planning, programming, budgeting and execution. The planning phase provides the strategic rationale and reasoning for various budgets and programs of department of defense. The programming phase involves formulation of specific programs to attain the strategic plans. The budgeting phase involves structuring of resources, manpower, and funds for submission to the ...

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Discusses defense budget cycle and areas of concerns to be addressed in the federal budget.