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    Defense Budget

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    1. Identify tools for changing the budget and explain the process. Do you think this process is proper, or do you think it allows changes to be made without proper oversight?

    2. Describe the discretion-abuse-control cycle and explain the politics of finding waste, fraud, and abuse. Do you think politics should have a role in the process?

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    1. The changes to the budget can be only requested by the President. The changes for the current year are called supplementals and for the budget year are known as amendments. The process of reviewing the changes are the same as the regular review process, however, this process is completed on a much faster basis as compared to regular budget request reviews.

    The proposal for supplement or amendment is reviewed by the office of budget. The proposal is approved by the Deputy secretary and assistant secretary for administration before being forwarded to OMB. Operating unit staff incorporates the requested changes and copies are submitted to the department. The OMB takes a minimum of three weeks to review it. After OMB approval, necessary changes are made by operating unit and the documents are sent to Office of budget. Appropriations committee ...