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    Budget Reviews for Three Agencies

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    Review the budget for three agencies. After reviewing the budgets, briefly summarize the details of three budgets in about 500 words. Include each of the following for the summary:

    The name of three agencies.
    A brief description of three budgets.
    From your initial review, which budget appeals to you the most and why.

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    The Department of Defense budget is a budget that is designed to cover all expenditures related to the nation's military, which includes supplementary expenditures that are designed to ensure that the Department of Defense can accomplish his mission of protecting the United States and its interests. The total budget for the year of 2012 was over $707 billion, and this was utilized to maintain the present programs that are being utilized, as well as to acquire additional equipment in order to upgrade the readiness of Defense Department personnel which includes civilian personnel working within the department.(U.S. Department of Defense)

    The US Department of Justice is an agency of the United States government that had a total budget of approximately $28 billion in 2012, and this budget was dispersed ...