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Human Resource Sourcing Method

Submit the Sourcing Methods portion of your selection and onboarding process project.:
-Evaluate and select effective sourcing methods for your chosen position.
-Assess and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the sourcing methods, along with a rationale for each selection.
-Design an appropriate allocation for each sourcing method based on a fictional recruiting budget. The budget requires no dollar amounts; simply provide allocations to each sourcing method for your chosen position; allocations should total 100 percent

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One sourcing method that I would utilize for this position would be participating in job fairs at local universities and colleges, specifically targeting students that are business majors, public administration majors, management majors, psychology majors, and sociology majors. Another sourcing method that I would utilize is advertising at employment offices by e-mailing the details of the position to offices around the nation. A third effective sourcing method that I would utilize is to provide information regarding this position to Department of Defense ...