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This post addresses writing a job description.

Although there is no standard format for a job description, almost all well-written, useful job descriptions will include five (5) specific components. Explain what information should be contained in each of the five sections. Then, write a job description of your choice; be sure to include all necessary sections in your job description.

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The five sections include:

The purpose of the position: This section describes the nature of the work, and why it is necessary. This section also includes the department of where the position is located (accounting, HR, etc). The job purpose tells the candidate why their position would be important to the company.

The functions of the position: This section describes the duties of the position. This usually isn't all-inclusive, but rather includes the main duties that will be required of the applicant.

The work context: The work context identifies who the position reports to, the departments that the applicant manages or supervises, if applicable, and includes any additional duties that are purely ...

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The solution explains how to write a job description, and the components and information that should be contained in a job description.