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    Recruitment of Production Manager

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    You work in the Human Resource department of your organization and have been charged with recruiting a manager for a department within the services division. It is stressed that "Expert management is needed".

    A list of 5 to 10 questions that you (the interviewer) will use during the interview process that go beyond the information you can gain from the candidates applicaiton or resume. these questions should give insight into why the candidate can fullfill the requirements outlined by the HR manager.

    Also, a description of the types of characteristics and experience that you will look for in the candidate. please use 2 web sources and citations.

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    Recruitment of Production Manager

    A 'Production Manager' is assigned with the responsibilities of planning, coordinating and controlling the industrial processes. He is credited for the production of goods and services in an efficient manner and also for maintaining the qualitative goods and services to be rendered to the customers. The quantity and cost of the goods and services are also a part of his job description. He should ensure that the goods and services are produced at the right time and at right place, satisfying the needs of the customer. In depth, description of his job depends upon the nature of the production system, for instance mass production or batch production or process production.

    There are various companies having different types of production system and these production managers manage both human (that is blue-collar workers) and material resources (that is raw materials). The responsibilities of the production manager involve:

    Close view of the process of production;
    Maintaining a schedule of the production process;
    To see that the production process, which is to be carried out, is cost effective;
    To ensure that the goods are produced at the ...

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    This response addresses the queries posed in 758 Words, APA Reference