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    Professional Knowledge and Abilities

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    Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper

    Prepare a paper in which you explain how developing professional knowledge and abilities impact career success. Address the following items in your explanation: Identify a professional organization or association in a field that interests you (e.g., Association of American Educators, American Psychological Association, American Cancer Society or any other ideas.) Briefly describe your selected organization or association. Explain how your selected organization or association can contribute towards increasing professional knowledge and abilities. Discuss how this knowledge and these abilities can impact your career success. APA format please.

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    Professional Knowledge and Abilities

    I. Introduction

    An individual learns and acquires professional knowledge both from studying in an academic institution and from a structured and monitored workplace experience. Education and practice increase one's knowledge and abilities which can be very helpful in his or her personal and professional success. How does one develop his/her professional knowledge? He/She needs to consider professional development activities such as attending higher education or continuing training courses and degree programs, in-service trainings, seminars and workshops provided by the company, mentoring programs, and through constant updates by taking the initiative to acquire and make use of ongoing informal resources which includes online forums, discussion boards, newsletters, and other opportunities to socialize with other staff or professionals to share ideas and expertise.

    II. The Importance of Professional Development

    Individuals who take the initiative and extra effort to acquire advanced levels of education have the strong drive to achieve their professional goals. When they have acquired the knowledge necessary for the job, they crave to apply them at work so they willingly take tasks that allow them to develop their skills and abilities which eventually result in accomplishing varied tasks and goals. ...

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    A paper on Professional Knowledge and Abilities which includes Introduction, The Importance of Professional Development, and The Association of Teacher Educators. References are also included.