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Short descriptions of core competencies...

Following are the core competencies (skills, knowledge & abilities) needed in employees of every organisation. Give short descriptions of each of them:

Communication & Interpersonal Relations
Commitment & Reliability
Efficiency & Effectiveness of work
Teamwork & Cooperation
Adaptability to Changes
Safety & Housekeeping
Analytical Thinking & Judgement
Creativity & Innovation
Initiative & Drive
Continual Learning

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Communication & Interpersonal Relations
Demonstrates the ability to listen attentively to others and to comprehend the impact of the message.
Effectively being able to put across and convince others with own ideas and messages
intended while exercising some form of empathy.

Commitment & Reliability
Assuming the roles and duties delegated with a sense of responsibility, ownership and dedication.
Able to contribute most effectively and takes pride in meeting goals & objectives set on time.
Measures punctuality and attendance records.

Efficiency & Effectiveness of ...

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