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    Analyze a current health promotion pamphlet's appropriatenes

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    Analyze a current health promotion pamphlet's appropriateness for the general public. Please see the attached Sleep Disorder Pamphlet.

    Assess the following elements of the pamphlet:

    · Layout appeal

    · Content and quality

    · Clarity

    · Examples of health promotion in the pamphlet

    · Usefulness

    · Cultural sensitivity and competence

    · Helpful hints or tips for self-care management

    · Appropriate literacy level for target audience

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    As you assess the following elements of the pamphlet into your own paper, here are my reactions:

    â?¢ Layout appeal: Although the use of color and font is encouraging, the text seems a bit too busy and crammed, hindering readability and clarity for me. It seems like too much information is integrated into the limited two pages. In essence, I had to squint in order to try and discern the Sleep Journal content.

    â?¢Content and quality: For me, the quality was satisfactory but not exceptional since it was a bit light in print color. The titles and subtitles were decent for me since they had a red/auburn color for emphasis. I like the tips and strategies since they were user friendly. However, the content did not acknowledge any research or cite its sources except for the one reference to the National Sleep Foundation under "Are You Getting Enough Sleep,", so it lacked credibility. There was ...

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