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Current Health Promotion Pamphlet

Assess the following elements of the pamphlet in your paper:

· Layout appeal

· Content and quality

· Clarity

· Examples of health promotion in the pamphlet

· Usefulness

· Cultural sensitivity and competence

· Helpful hints or tips for self-care management

· Appropriate literacy level for target audience

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? Layout appeal
The brochure has an attractive design. The pages are not packed full of unneeded or overdone information. There is white space and appropriate illustrations. The illustrations can represent anyone in the audience and can be meaningful for any region. I believe that the pictures in the brochure do appeal to a large group of individuals that cannot fall asleep, continually wake up through the night, and do not feel rested in the morning. It also shows the individual that there is a safe and a non-intimidating environment in which they can seek help.

? Content and quality
This brochure is more of a plug for the sleep center rather than a health promotion brochure. It does present specific sleep disorders and helps the individual identify with a disorder, in order to accept that they need to seek professional medical treatment for their issue.

? Clarity
The article is concise, clear, and written at a level that suites most target audiences.

? Examples of health promotion in the pamphlet
There ...

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