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Nursing Case Manager: The Environment of Healthcare

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How does the role of the nursing case manager impact the current environment of health care related to health promotion? Provide examples to support your sentences and draw from your experiences.

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Consider the role of a nursing case manager. They are responsible for overseeing the comprehensive care of the patient - and therein lies the concept behind what health care should be: comprehensive.

Often times, when multiple concerns exist for a patient, and when multiple actions lead to better recovery or promotion of health, both health care professionals and patients alike tend to get overwhelmed with information and in some cases, conflicting priorities.
For example, consider a patient who is recovering from a properly set fracture of the forearm. The physiotherapist may inform the patient that when possible, they should do minute exercises to ensure no atrophy occurs in the muscles. The orthopedic surgeon may say that they should rest with no activity for a few weeks. Even if the physiotherapist agrees with the ...

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The environment of healthcare for nursing case managers are examined.

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