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    Developing a Juvenile Risky Behaviour Profile

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    Please help me with information for the following:

    Write a profile of behaviors and circumstances that are, or could be, considered at-risk for female youths.

    Develop a handout to be distributed to schools, parents, and social workers, outling the risk factors and indicators to look for when identifying at-risk youth. The handout should be 350-700 words in length, and contain graphics. Cite any outside sources using APA formatting guidelines.

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    Dear Student,
    The solution I created for you explains and profiles youth female at risk in a concise manner. I created a brief insight on areas that although related are on their own potential areas of tension where female youth at risk is concerned. While I am not allowed to make the handout for you per brainmass policy I created a guide you can use and a sample table you can adopt based on the profiles around 3 areas of concern: Socio/Sexual, Health/Substance Abuse and Mental/Psychological I created. I encourage you to print out the word version of this solution which is attached. It contains the table whereby I grouped indicators & behavior. You can expand it by refering to the Condensed indicators numbered from 1-7 I created in the solution below. As always APA style means properly referencing. Use the references I indicated below. Since pamphlets or handouts do not necessarily ask you to cite, a reference will do. I encourage you to visit this references as most of them are online articles to give you a detailed knowledge of their content just in case your professor would question you about it. Further more, guard against plagiarism, re-interpret the solution as you may. As long as you follow the guide for the handout/pamphlet below, you will be fine. For your reference I have included an additional chart on unprotected sex from HIV agency AEGIS as well as a Teen Suicide poster from Needham. Good Luck and thank you for using brainmass.

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    Risky Female Behaviour: An Insight

    Socio/Sexual -
    Female youths at risk display an attachment to socio-sexual activities with the opposite sex. They usually start at a young age when puberty kicks in.They are highly susceptible to notions of social empowerment via sexual relations without key understanding of what responsible sexual relations are all about. They are not very much aware or display caution with the sexual relationships they engage in, often confusing notions of love & importance with sexual activities. Many engage in sexual relations actively not just with one but with various 'boyfriends', many noted as casual acquaintance. As a result of immaturity between partners, incidents lead to ...

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    The Solution was created to help in creating certain profiles of female juvenile delinquents and those who are at risk of falling into delinquency. The intention of the solution is to give guiding information on female juvenile delinquency and spotting it using a set profile for a widespread campaign geared at prevention in the form of a handout copies of which will be distributed to target audiences in schools and particular centers in the community who will have a stake in the prevention of female juvenile delinquency. The solution contains a table that can be used in tabulating/profiling particular risky behaviour as well as a concise discussion of the concepts involved with an advice on how to compile said information in the final handout, APA style.