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    Infant Death and Mortality Rates

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    Is there a significant relationship between the death of infants by race and the cause of death?

    Infant deaths and mortality rates for the top 3 leading cause of death for African Americans, 2007. (Rates per 100,000 live births)
    Cause of Death # African African American Non-Hispanic Non-Hispanic African American &
    (By rank) American Deaths Death Rate White Deaths White Death Rate Non-Hispanic Rate
    (1) Low-Birthweight 1,864 297.2 1,767 76.5 3.9
    (2) Congenital malformations 1,037 165.3 2,867 124.1 1.3
    (3) Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) 677 107.9 1,341 58.0 1.9
    (4) Maternal Complications 751 95.5 751 32.5 2.9

    Please include hypotheses, research design, statistical methods, results, and interpretation with this project.

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    We want to compare whether there is any significant relationship between the death of infants by race and cause of death.

    Null hypothesis (Ho): There is no ...

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    This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation for the relationship of infant death due to race and cause of death. Chi-Square analysis with the help of Excel is performed. Null and Alternative Hypothesis are defined properly followed by the results and interpretation part. The analysis was done in Excel and valid conclusion as per the hypothesis is given.