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Preparing a Daycare Brochure

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I need help and suggestions about how to prepare a daycare brochure. Thank you.

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One approach is to provide you with an illustrative example, which you can use as an exemplar to draw up your own brochure. The formatting of the information will be up to you.

First, when designing a brochure, it is important to decide what information that you want to include in the brochure, draw up a draft copy, and then format it, perhaps similar to the attached example.

1. I need help and suggestions about how to prepare a daycare brochure. Thank you. Need help with daycare brochure.

Illustrative example: TripleASchool

Important Information

All children should wear the Triple C T-shirt and
red gym shorts, white socks and soft, whole shoes.
The T-shirts are available only at the school store.
The shorts are also available at the school, but may be
purchased elsewhere. Socks and shoes should be
purchased elsewhere.

Parents should always send a clean set of clothes
in case of 'accidents'.

Children must be brought to and picked up from the
designated door ? Daycare classroom where
early morning care and after school care are ...

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