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    Asperger syndrome and elementary education article

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    Locate an article on the topic of Communication Disorders or Autism.

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    As you briefly review an article on the topic of Autism, I am captivated by the topic of Asperger syndrome and found a riveting journal for you to assess:

    Choi, S., & Nieminen, T. A. (2008). Naturalistic intervention for Asperger syndrome - a case study. British Journal Of Special Education, 35(2), 85-91.

    As you summarize, the authors contend that children with Asperger syndrome can indeed succeed in inclusive educational settings. It seems like the pervasive trend in K-12 American education is to place them into Special Education classes. However, this article reveals how Australian studies validate that most students with Asperger syndrome can thrive in regular education classes based on their ...

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    400 words of notes and a reference, cited in APA format, assess the topic of Asperger syndrome and elementary education.