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Issues in Gifted Education

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Provide insights on gifted education (current issues and future trends, twice exceptional students, and teaching strategies).

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This solution looks at current and projected trends in education for the gifted in 698 words with one online reference.

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Having a gifted endorsement, work experience at a major university summer program, where students came from all over the world, and are VERY gifted, conference attendance and first hand experience with gifted students, this author offers insights, which many educators cannot. They feel threatened by the gifted or intimidated. They CAN be overbearing, relentless and driven.

It is the driven part that can be compelling. You can set them free, check in, probe and give them a bit more ammunition to keep pursuing their quest. The problem is that at times they can either be hyper-perfectionists and never start, due to the high pressure from within and/or outside of self and actually fail. Often, that really does not reflect their reality OR they can be so driven that they stay up all night and don't keep a healthy balance with their lives.

If these children are not properly channeled, they can be as much of a problem in a mainstream class, as any other trouble-maker. A gifted relative was recently reported to me as often getting in trouble, with sling shots and other ...

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