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    Gifted and talented studdnts under IDEA

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    a) What is the status of Talented and Gifted children under IDEA.

    b) How does the state of Pennsylvania recognize or provide services for children who are identified as Talented and Gifted?

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    a) What is the status of Talented and Gifted children under IDEA

    The status of children considered talented and gifted under the IDEA act is not ideal for parents or children whose gifted talents cause emotional behavior disorders. Typically when a child has EBD he or she would be considered under the IDEA as a child with a disability wherein a serious emotional disturbance constitutes the necessity for special education and related services provided by the state. To qualify for the benefits provided by IDEA gifted and talented children must exhibit a condition of certain characteristics for a long period of time in a degree that negatively affects the child's educational performance.

    The key term in the IDEA regulations and guidelines is that the child's educational performance must be negatively impacted and often gifted and talented children experiencing EBD are still able to excel in their academics because of their ...

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    The Individuals with Disabilites Education Act and the rules and regulations for gifted and talented children are discussed in the solution. In particular the state of Pennsylvania is discussed and the services and resources that they provide for gifted and talented students under IDEA is included in the solution.