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Program and Curriculum Planning of an Administrator

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Explain how the role of the administrator is different from that of the teacher in program and curriculum planning.

Describe the learning and developmental needs of your chosen age group.

Analyze how your program will address the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of children in this age group (give specific curricular ideas for each area of development) as well as classroom management and the daily schedule.

Explain how your program aligns with the philosophy, vision, and mission statements you created in Week One.

Discuss how your program aligns with NAEYC's indicators of effective curriculum, as outlined in Chapter 4 and found in the article, "Where We Stand on Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation."

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The administrator is responsible for ensuring that the necessary tools, resources, and teachers are present for the most effective and appropriate curriculum to be developed. The administrator is responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising the implementation phase of the new curriculum. Administrators are the people responsible for establishing the vision, mission, and objective of the curriculum and their leadership serves the primary role of making the new curriculum design in the vision that they have cultivated. They ...

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The solution discusses the program and planning of an administrator. It also describes how the role of the administrator is different from that of the teacher in the program and curriculum planning.

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