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    Strategic Planning for Educational Program

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    Educational program planning is the act of getting various professionals involved in collecting good information and then using that information to make smart decisions about long-range and short-range future changes. You are to develop a proposed list of tasks for a strategic plan for a specific PreK-12 school district or higher education program. In your proposal, you need to establish a strategic planning committee made of the major stakeholders of the school or college (e.g., teachers, parents, school council, community advisors, etc.).

    Your proposal will include but not be limited to the following essential elements of a typical strategic plan.

    You should complete certain elements such as the mission statement while other elements should have proposed methods for their completion. It is important that your strategic plan attempts to meet the needs of your organization and conforms to its organizational structure.

    - Establish the strategic planning committee members and their roles.
    - Create a mission statement.
    - Create a list of strategic goals and objectives.
    - Determine methods that will assist the committee to examine current programs and develop new programs.
    - Determine several possible curriculum-planning initiatives.
    - Determine the tools for gathering input from all stakeholders
    - Determine the tools for environmental scanning that can identify potential program opportunities.
    - Determine the methods that will assist the committee to collect financial and demographic factors including the following:
    - pupil-teacher ratios
    - costs of instruction
    - attendance rates
    - Determine assessment of property values per child or assessment of funding sources
    - Determine the methods to generate a system to monitor progress.

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    I will provide an example of a completed mission statement for a specific PreK-12 school district or higher education program as well as potential solutions for methods to take to complete the program.

    Establish the strategic planning committee members and their roles.

    It's vital that those on the committee possess vested interests in the outcome of the program and are involved throughout the entire process. Stakeholders such as parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders and business owners, etc. must engage in the development process. The first step in ensuring that all these stakeholders are able to be in the same place at the same time is to construct an informal meeting reaching out to the various groups that have other obligations such as parents, community business owners, etc. Many of these stakeholders have constrained timeframes to be made aware of a new program that warrants their participation while some parents need persuading to participate. Therefore, it is the PRINCIPAL'S obligation to ensure that all these stakeholders are present in the same place to express their ideals and suggestions for the strategic planning committee.

    Principals are the most important factor in the preK-12 school district and they have to ensure that all stakeholders are represented and cognizant of their plan as they will be spearheading the program and its initiatives. Several proven techniques are available to ensure that all stakeholders are present including first holding an informal gathering such as a raffle where kids of the parents that you want to be at the meeting have rides and other games to play that will cause the parents to gain interest in coming to the meetings. The business owners within the community can be involved by offering prizes from their business for the raffle, which completes the process of ensuring that two of the most important stakeholders are at the preliminary meeting.

    Teachers, administrators, and other vital school personnel can be required to attend the event. You ...

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    This solution provides a outline of a completed educational program for strategic planning to be implemented in a preK-12 school.