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Strategic Planning for Not-For-Profit Organization

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Here's the situation:
A new Not-For-Profit association is being formed to offer laptops to children around the world: One Laptop per Child (OLPC).

Since they are a new organization they do not have much money so, they need to undertake funding activities. Here are the areas of strategic management where they would like our help.

1. Publicity: They need to move quickly to get public awareness of the problem and the solution.

What strategies can they employ to do this with minimum expenditures of money?

2. Fund Raising: what marketing strategies should they use to reach the people who might be more responsive to these particular educational issues?

Acting as though everyone is in a room together, I would like the class to do two things:

1. Present some viable ideas- use your new found knowledge and do some additional research to support your ideas.

2. Discuss the ideas among the class and make additional offerings.
Let's see some creative thinking!!

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1. One expeditious and inexpensive way by which to get public awareness of the problem and the solution, is to utilize online social media sites as a way to make millions of individuals around the world aware of this problem instantaneously. Another way to get public awareness of the problem and the solution, is to have corporate giants such as ...

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